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Camp Avalon
Spiritual Nature Retreat

Help Us Cultivate A Sacred Space For All

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Donate to Keep Camp Avalon Spiritual Nature Retreat Alive!

Getting back to nature is vital for rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul. Activities at Camp Avalon Spiritual Nature Retreat provide opportunities to spend extended time connecting with Mother Earth, The Creator, and all the living spiritual forces under the stars as well as in the warmth of the sun and the cool of a shady tree.

As a non-profit we depend on your tax-deductible contribution to maintain these grounds for your enjoyment and individual and group use. Anything you can give to contribute to this cause allows us to continue to afford this magical experience to those conscious global citizens who still value the natural world around them and seek to know the Source and Creator behind this masterpiece and jewel of the Southwest. You will surely appreciate this pristine and rare opportunity to experience the energies and to commune with nature and the Living Spiritual Forces who, along with our staff of human-rights ministers and missionaries, are also stewarding the last of these public grounds. Your time, talents, and resources are what keep this alive and managed so we thank you in advance for your kindness and support and we ask that you consider the value of this experience and give generously for the precious time spent and the memories made during your time at Camp Avalon Spiritual Nature Retreat. All donations support the spiritual ministries of Global Community Communications Alliance 501(c)(3) temple church.

Having trouble or have questions? Please contact us and let us know.